Wetsuit Features

FlatLock Seams - A flat stitch is sewn over two panels of neoprene creating a strong and durable join. The flat stitch is water permeable and used in suits for warmer waters

GBS Seams - The neoprene panels are glued twice with a highly sticky and UV stable glue, then electric pressed together and sewn on one side with a blind stitching machine

S Seal liquid Seams - High stretch liquid neoprene is applied under light heat to the external GBS seams, this further stops the water from penetrating the suit

Neoprene Tape Seams - Further minimises water ingress, improving heat retention by applying an extra neoprene seal to the inside of the suit

UltraSeal Seams - On specific suits an internal tape is glued to each GBS seam for a watertight seal

YKK ChestLock Zip - Front zip closure that provides extreme flexibility through the back and shoulders while reducing water flushing through the back and neck line

Shoulder Seal Control - Bungy cord is used to adjust the neck bib tension around the shoulder entry

YKK Zip - Spring loaded metal slider is used for ease of undoing the suit

SuperSeal Neck - Ensures a watertight seal & comfortable fit around the neck, while reducing the affect of the velcro on the wetsuit lining

Zip Barrier Panel - Provides a barrier to water entry & cold water flushing through the suit

Water Release - Drainage holes release excess water trapped by the barrier panel

Stretch Control Grippers - PU strips prevent cuff rotation and excess stretching

Glideskin Wrist Cuffs - SmoothSkin neoprene seal that is comfortable, prevents water entry and sleeve rotation

Glideskin Leg Cuffs - SmoothSkin neoprene seal that is comfortable and prevents cuff rotation

Boardie Loop - Tie off your board shorts to prevent the top from riding up

Supratex Knee Pads - A Highly flexible and durable material

Debossed Knee Backs - Adds pre-curved shaping and reduces the neoprene from bunching

Shin Guards - High density padding to provide protection against rail impact

Adjustable Ankle Seals - Velcro closure for easy foot entry, Prevents water flushing

Detachable Ankle Cuffs - Velcro band that wraps the ankle to prevent water flushing

Contour Cut - Ergonomic seam layout for specific flex dynamics

Curve Cut - Specifically used in women’s suits for a nice shapely fit

SureFit - Key zones matched to the physique & demands of Wind / Kitesurfing